Even in the digital age, retail remains one of the most intimate consumer touchpoints. The right product packaging design, point of sale design, and shopper marketing strategy can be the difference between reaching your target consumer and blending into the background with all the other products on the shelf.

We are awarded specialists in shopper marketing strategy and our retail marketing experts will help translate your brand visual identity into creative packaging and point of sale design that captures your brand essence, consumer attention and helps to grow sales.

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Top-down shot of a collection of retail products created for Common Room Roasters including a bag of coffee, filters, and a pour over.

Packaging Design

Passport's award-winning product packaging designs drive high competitive advantage for your brand in the retail marketing space. Our experienced creative team inherently understands that your packaging is the true representation of your product. Our innovative packaging design ensures you stand out on the crowded shelf and make the right connections with your customers. 

Our unique and lauded product packaging designs have swept many awards ceremonies for the simple fact that they work.

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Retail marketing is designed to convert your customers during the conversion step of the broader consumer disposition funnel (CDF). Shopper marketing, however, reaches your consumer through their entire journey - from awareness and consideration to conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

The Passport team knows how to pull together, map and reach your customer at every touchpoint along this journey to motivate purchase and to connect post-purchase. Our shopper marketing expertise is borne out by our successful track record - we are focused on helping you make connections, drive sales, encourage repeat purchase behavior and develop advocacy, all while reinforcing your consistent brand identity.

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Point of sale

Our holistic approach to retail marketing means we truly understand the shopper marketing environment in which you’re operating - and we’ve been doing this for more than 16 years. During this time, retail has been evolving into “experience” platforms for both in-store and online customer encounters.

Our ability to create the right point of sale design within your broader retail marketing effort will build a world around your brand that makes lasting connections and drives ongoing engagement. Our innovative and award winning point of sale designs are proof that we’re able to help your brand take advantage of this retail evolution.

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