Creating content in all its required forms can be challenging but keeping a laser focus on your brand purpose will help you navigate the seemingly never-ending need for more.

At Passport, our goal is to help you prioritize your asset development needs and implement a strategic and sustainable content development cadence that both supports these needs and aligns to your budget.

Our expert team then collaborates with you to create the right combination of written content, photography, illustration, video and audio content to help you achieve your “why.”

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The rapid expansion of social and digital channels has resulted in a spike in demand for relevant, branded content. But content marketing must be strategic - to contribute to your overall brand purpose and brand story. It also has to be affordable and sustainable. That’s why we start with a content management plan with focused assets.

At Passport, our content development team begins with your brand purpose and symbolic identity to build a clear brand story over time. We know that content that gets likes and clicks might feel good - but we examine whether it’s actually driving long term brand value. We help keep you focused on your brand purpose and ensure message alignment with all asset development.

Whether it’s advertorial advertising, social media content creation services, newsletter or blog content, or something else entirely, the Passport content marketing team is focused on the right asset development strategy for your brand. We know how to communicate effectively with your audience in a variety of ways that align with your ‘why’ and build on your brand story.

Relevant user generated content (UGC) is an asset that also falls under your brand’s content umbrella. Our content development experts can help you utilize this UGC to further reinforce your story and engage with your target audience.

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At Passport, we are experts in photoshoot planning and execution. We work regularly with talent, models, permits and artists at a variety of locations. We have built a list of the best photographers in different locations and we’re adept at identifying the right creative for your brand.

Our creatives and strategists know that appropriate photoshoot planning is a necessity - with shoots ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, we make sure all the assets you require are captured to fulfill all touchpoint needs. The best photoshoots are planned well before the shoot with a focus on your brand’s identity to properly inform the style, aesthetic and message that the resulting images should convey. We know how to help you own a certain photographic style that can make your brand instantly identifiable, without much supporting copy.

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The Passport creative team are experts at creating visual representations of your brand’s video or television shoot broken down into individual, ordered drawings. AKA a brand storyboard or advertising storyboard, we carry out this process before your shoot is planned to illustrate the narrative, imagery and perspective to assist production teams and to gain alignment from stakeholders.

Storyboarding is also a necessary step in ensuring your resulting video asset keeps to the time restrictions defined by your media buy.

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